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We are a full service entertainment company with a long history of developing game-changing projects from scripts to the big screen. Our competitive advantage is unmatched. By owning our in-house Marketing and PR team, we are able to fully support our projects surge to the top of the charts, providing every opportunity to achieve maximum monetary return. We aim to take film production in New York to a new level.


Our strategic location makes us a major player on the global stage. With an office in New York City and satellite offices in California and Europe, we are well-positioned to handle coordination of small and large budget productions of independent films on an international level. In today's rapidly changing entertainment industry, it pays huge dividends to position in multi-channels. Whether it's film festivals, the silver screen, Netflix or DVD, Peraino is a dominant force across all segments. Independent films and movie development will never be the same again. Getting the right film finance in a timely fashion makes all the difference.

Our mission is to truly deliver a unique package of mixing today's innovative technology with the old traditions and genius of the legendary filmmakers of the past generation. What clearly sets us apart is that we are at the vanguard of excellence for both production companies and the projects themselves. You don't raise standards by simply following the herd or the status-quo - our goal is to recapture the magic and glory of years past in Hollywood while adding our own creative flair. Standards have fallen far too mediocre, not only in results but in mentality. It's no secret that honesty, integrity and loyalty is hard to come by in today's Hollywood of sheer vanity

and over-sized egos. We produce projects of a higher standard with our unmatched devotion to bringing back honesty, integrity and loyalty in movie development.


With over 40 years of experience in film production and distribution, Peraino is perched among the top with a proven track record of handing down knowledge and shattering records for 4 generations. That type of consistency is only reserved for the elite of the industry who are held to a higher standard of film making. By creating some of the most beloved classic movies of all times, Peraino's primary objective is to not only to continue this past tradition, but also take things to a different level by giving birth to new future classic blockbusters.


Become part of our family and join our journey to bring high standards back to Hollywood with top quality film production in New York.

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