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Resurrecting Bruce Lee: Biopic Announced

May 5, 2015

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Miller Teases Animated Spider Man Movie

December 7, 2017

Chris Miller is teasing that news on the animated Spider-Man movie – cowritten by Miller and Phil Lord – will arrive in two days. Seeing as the project doesn’t have an official title at the moment, it’s just as plausible that the news will involve a title reveal as it will involve actual footage from the animated feature.


The animated Spider-Man film features Miles Morales, making it the first Spider-Man film that isn’t focused around Peter Parker. Miles Morales is an Afro-Latino teenager who was introduced in the Ultimate Comics:


Spider-Man series, following the death of Peter Parker. Miles was bitten by a spider after visiting his uncle Aaron Davis, aka The Prowler, who had stolen some formula created by Peter Parker’s blood from Oscorp. During the robbery, a spider crawled into The Prowler’s bag, which later bit Miles while he was visiting. The writers approached Miles in a totally different way, making him a very reluctant Spider-Man. He wants a normal life and once he realizes that he’s got powers, he doesn’t want them.



Miller posted the following image to his Twitter account, suggesting that news on the animated Spider-Man movie will be revealed in two days during the ongoing Brazilian Comic-Con (aka. CCXP). Whatever that news is, it might shed some light on how much of Miles’ traditional origin story will be carried over and/or covered in the animated film version.




Getting Miles to the big screen has been an interesting journey so far, with its own twists and turns. Donald Glover was once rumored to play Miles in the live-action Amazing Spider-Man films.


The Community and Atlanta star ultimately voiced the character in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated TV series and played Mile’s uncle in the live-action Spider-Man: Homecoming. Miles was name-dropped in a Homecoming deleted scene, suggesting that he exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could make the jump to live-action himself one day.


Shameik Moore will voice Miles Morales in the animated Spider-Man movie, with Byran Tyree Henry, Mahershala Ali, and Liev Schreiber rounding out the voice cast. Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey will be calling the shots as the film’s director, drawing from the script by Lord and Miller of 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie fame. Hopefully, this film will embrace more of the creative dialogue that Lord and Miller are known for.

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