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May 5, 2015

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DC Comics Continue Breathtaking Content on Movie Screen: Wonder Woman 2

May 1, 2017

After decades of waiting, Wonder Woman is hitting theaters in a month, finally giving Diana Prince her very first live-action movie ever. The jury is still out on how good the movie will be and we'll have to wait awhile to see how successful it is, but that hasn't stopped director Patty Jenkins from thinking ahead. In fact, she already has an idea for a Wonder Woman 2.




The director recently spoke with The Toronto Sun about Wonder Woman and, at one point, the subject of a possible sequel came up. She couldn't get into any sort of detail about her plans, but Patty Jenkins did reveal that she has at least a rough idea for what Wonder Woman 2 will be. Here's what she had to say about it.


"I'm excited for her to come to America and become the Wonder Woman we are all familiar with from having grown up around her as an American superhero. I'd like to bring her a little farther along into the future and have a fun, exciting storyline that is its own thing. Wonder Woman is so much about her becoming the person she is. I can't wait to spring forward with who she is and have another great standalone superhero film."


Since Wonder Woman has never been brought to the big screen in live-action before, Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins decided to go with an origin story. That is the case with many of these superheroes and their first solo adventure. Since Diana Prince already made her debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, anything was possible. But Patty Jenkins also explained why she thought doing Wonder Woman as an origin story was the right way to go.


"I always thought the origin story would be the great way to go. I love origin superhero stories and I love the simplicity you can have with that journey. Also, there was the fact that no one had done her story and the fact that I love her. So it was a treasure trove of potential."


In addition to Patty Jenkins discussing a possible Wonder Woman sequel, Warner Bros. has also released a handful of new images from the movie. One of the images gives us a great look at Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, all intense and ready for action. There are also a couple of good shots of Gal Gadot as the titular DC Comics hero and a couple of behind-the-scenes shots as well. There is also a new still of Saïd Taghmaoui as the character Sameer, who we haven't really seen much of up to this point.


There is an immense amount of pressure on Wonder Woman. Not only does the movie need to succeed financially, but after the critical lashing that both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad took, there is pressure for Wonder Woman to be less divisive. With the movie just a month away from release, we should be hearing more about early reactions soon to get a better sense of how Patty Jenkins and Warner Bros. did this time around. Wonder Woman is set for release on June 2, 2017.

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