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Resurrecting Bruce Lee: Biopic Announced

May 5, 2015

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been Announced!

April 22, 2015


In this article we are going to tell you about the most horrifying film in the history of Hollywood. There is a quite rumor around that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel is in the works. I know it can be very hard to keep a track on the various horror movies franchises that are in their remake/reboot/sequel/prequel. So, if I tell you that the Texas chainsaw massacre prequel called leather face is in the works, the first thing that will be come into your wait didn’t them already make one of those? And isn’t there a movie called leather face? Yes, you are right The Film Makers of the series are thinking to make a prequel of it. Leather face would be a prequel to the Texas chainsaw 3-D and thus a prequal to the original 1974 film. Telling the story of what leather face was like before all those kids started to show up on his doorstep practically begging to be butchered and eaten. The plot has been kept a secret, I hear it may involve chainsaws but that’s not fully on the record right now. the writers of the film is now currently working on multiple storyline to make and create a movie that could make come back the original plot of the movie meaning if all goes well then the film production new York will decide to make a more sequels of this prequel Even though we are looking at a series with a surprisingly complicated mythology that started out being about the family that kills people.


There has been seen that the prequel will focus on the leather face that how he come into this form on the first place. There are some serious taking going on the studio that who will play the role of leather face this time Because in the last original movie gunner Hansen was the man behind the mask in Tobey Hooper’s 1974 film. The Texas chainsaw massacre now, the prequel is in the production Hansen in talks with its film maker that he should comeback for the upcoming prequel since he is the one who made the scary character an icon on the silver screen. Many of the reporters and news channels have interviewed Hansen would he come back one more time for the prequel to play leather face again?


There is another rumor going on that Hansen could return to the franchise and reprising his role Boss sawyer from 2013’s Texas chainsaw 3-D.


Hansen revealed the plot of the prequel will take place 15 years after prior to Texas chainsaw 3D. Which means Boss sawyer and all his clan would still be alive again. He said that he contacted the producers of the new movie about reprising his role and plays a 15 years younger version of Boss Sawyer. He didn’t mention something essential just reveal the movies plat and nothing else. He just said I hear about casting we’ll see about that.


The movie centers around a violent boy who one day become leather face. He escapes from a mental hospital along with its three inmate’s kidnaps a nurse and takes her on a road trip of hell. Along the way is pursued by a police officer who vows to take revenge on the boy who grows up to become leather face. The director for the film is Julian Maury and Alexander Bastille, with Angela betties playing mother Sawyer, and some newcomers Sam strike and James Bloor as two of the three boys. The fans of the franchise would certainly love the prequel stated by the producers of the upcoming prequel. We will tell you more about Texas chainsaw massacre prequel in our next article.

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