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May 5, 2015

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Storyboarding tips for Independent films to win Oscars

February 20, 2015

When someone mentions the terms Academy or Oscar, the general image which comes to your mind is undeniably something like Titanic – big budget, stunning studio films with fantastic performances and special effects from seemingly immortal film stars. The general perception which you may have in film today is that the awards belong to Hollywood, and not independent films. However, this is far from reality because there are many instances to support that even an independent film can win an Oscar award. For instance, you can consider “The King’s Speech”, has gained 4 Academy awards in the year 2011.


Significant things to consider


Creating a compelling and fascinating independent film is a daunting challenge; however, it is also an excellent opportunity to express your creativity and vision to the entire world. Are you planning an independent film? If yes, then you will certainly desire to know how to get the best end result and make it win Oscars. There are several ways to get more out of your film production – here are few beneficial tips on making your film everything that you desire it can be;


Get organized – You will have to develop few organizational skills to make your film production come in on budget and on time. The planning stage of your independent movie must include a detailed budget saved in a program such as Excel, which lets for easy modifications and updates. You must consider pre-production as well.


Storyboards are vital – If in case, this is your first independent movie, you must determine the significance of polished storyboards which detail the action effectively frame-by-frame. Utilize digital storyboard tools or software. With such programs, you can quickly import images or utilize pre-loaded backgrounds, characters or artwork.


Standing out desires a distinct vision – Whether you are creating a documentary, a low-budget horror movie or simply a cartoon, you will have to establish a distinct voice for your film project. Camera angles, your locations, casting, finished script are all essential components. Get your vision refined prior to you putting anything on your film.


Apart from these, promotions and marketing of independent films are incredibly vital. Consider these tips to have success. 












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